A Very Good Idea

My friend, artist David Horvitz, has an amazing website.

"thing for sale i will mail you"

You can buy all sorts of amazing things from him, but he just added a new one I thought I should mention here.

"If you give me $30 I will buy $30 worth of cookies and give them away to people I find in the street. I will send you an email with the details of where I bought the cookies, and the exact minute and date I started giving them away and the exact minute I gave away the last one."

So far one person has purchased this.

I think this is what I want for my birthday.


Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

Love this!
I love the cookie one and the apology letter and secret ones. If i had lots of cash i would send him around the globe with a crate full of cookies!

aj kinik said...

hey, i just came up with a very good idea--it's gonna be in my next post--it would make for a good story, i think

oh, and thanks for the link

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